Play Banana Kong with cheats tricks and tips

Banana Kong is an endless running game for the iPhone and iPad that’s not new, but has lately become one of the most popular games around. Donkey Kong puts you in the shoes of Banana Kong, an ape who is running away from an avalanche of banana peels, collecting bananas, and going from the jungle to special locations such as the underground cave, the treetops, and even underwater.

A giant mound of bananas threatens to crush a gorilla in banana kong game. Although it features simple touch controls, this challenging endless-runner will test your platforming skills as you navigate past treacherous waters and over red-hot lava. Help make things easier with our Banana Kong cheats and tips guide.

Banana Kong

Collect bananas

As Banana Kong runs, his goal is to collect bananas, and with each banana that is collected, the power dash meter charges up. Save them up for new locations, but don’t save them for too long or else the banana avalanche will get you and cause you to lose. The best places to use them are in front of obstacles such as large rocks. Or use them in front of the pipe to go underwater, use them on the rope swing to go to the treetops, and use them in front of the cave entrance to go to the cave.

By eating bananas, picking them up throughout the game ,you fill up the power meter. When it is full you can swipe to the right to perform the power dash! This means that you will be able to bust through objects like stone. If the giant mound of bananas is gaining on you, perform a power dash to get some extra distance. Also, by saving up bananas you can spend them in the shop on upgrades.

Hitch rides on animals

Once your power meter is full, swipe to the right to perform a power dash. This super move sends the gorilla through objects, including stone and airplane wreckage. Hitch rides on animals and make use of their abilities. Visit the shop to upgrade animals, the glide ability and to unlock special Rainbow bananas. Then purchase 1-ups, the option to bounce on water and other useful things.

banana kong game

Avoid obstacles

Sliding your finger down on the screen will drop you through a platform. This is a good way to avoid obstacles. Your instinct will usually be to jump to avoid things. But if you try and hang out on the middle level for most of the time then you will always have the option of going up or down. You’ll live longer doing this.


Perhaps the handiest thing in the shop is the option to bounce on water. But you can also upgrade the animals that you ride, your glide ability and unlock rainbow bananas. Or you can swap bananas for some trendy hats to pimp your gorillas style.

If you tap and hold the screen you will glide. This is the easiest way to get over those piranha invested waters without being eaten, or glide from tree top to tree top. Learn quickly to master the glide and you will post much better distances.

Running into most things will kill you. Some things, such as barrels, spider webs and bats, won’t kill you but will instead slow you down.