Banana Kong Review and Ratings

Banana Kong Review

The gameplay in Banana Kong starts off with a tutorial, teaching you what you have to do, how to control your character, how to dodge obstacles and how to use your special booster power to crush through obstacles.

The level designs are very nice and it is very nice to see that every time you start to play, the level design is random. This means that you cannot memorize the level and it will always be challenging. Banana Kong has some pretty nice music and sound effects, combined with its graphics, the game is very pleasant and addictive to play.

Banana Kong

There are also several negative aspects about Banana Kong. The first negative aspect is the fact that there are a ton of advertisements implemented into the game, which are very annoying and obstructive.

This makes Banana Kong feel like a cheap cash grab, especially because it is so popular among mobile gamers. The worst part about the advertisements in Banana Kong is the fact that, if you accidently tap on an ad, your game will minimalize and your browser will start up.

This is really obstructive and a real turn off from Banana Kong, and I feel like the developers should think about their advertisement placement if they want to keep all their players happy and keep playing Banana Kong.

The second negative aspect about Banana Kong is the fact that the developers have implemented playtime limitations into the game. When you hit an obstacle in the game, you will have the option to keep playing by spending hearts or you can start over and retry from the beginning of the level.

There are many items that you can only purchase with real money. These kind of negative aspects are a real turn off from the game because of the fact that not every player can afford to spend real money on a free-to-play game. Players should be able to unlock the whole game, without spending a single dime.

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Banana Kong Ratings

Artwork: The graphics and animations in Banana Kong are pretty decent, especially considering that it is a mobile game.

They show you when your character is in pain or when he is in panic, which simply enhances the gameplay for me. The graphics are very balanced, which is always nice to see.

Music & SFX: There are several soundtracks implemented into the gameplay of Banana Kong, which are very nice and easy on the ears. Banana Kong also has several sound effects, ranging from main menu button SFX to crashing your character into an obstacle SFX.

Story & Originality: The game has a lot of features which are pretty original, even though the gameplay is very simple. There is really no story behind Banana Kong, other than what you experience during the tutorial. All you have to do is run away from a huge mountain of banana peels and make sure that you do not hit any obstacle in your way.

General Gameplay: The gameplay in Banana Kong starts with a tutorial, teaching you how to play the game and getting the hang of the controls and special moves. After the tutorial ends, the general gameplay becomes pretty straightforward, but still very fun to play.

Games is a person who enjoys a challenge in games, which makes Banana Kong a perfect game.

Addictiveness: When you lose all of your golden hearts, you will not be able to continue where you left of and you will have to start every level from the beginning. This really slows down the gameplay and is somewhat of a turn off.