Banana Kong Hack for iOS and Android

Get the Banana Kong Hack now and you will be able to generate an unlimited amount of Bananas and Gold Hearts for free without paying real money for either of those in-game resources or currencies. Boost your gameplay experience by getting all the bananas and golden hearts you ever wanted.

Banana Kong

Banana Kong is an endless runner that acts as a high-mountain gorilla banana banana deposits have triggered avalanches. Like almost all previous runners loose, you meet with sudden death if you are ruled by a bunch of bananas, or if you bash into something stagnant. And although the noble title game reminiscent Raffi song “Banana Phone” there is no relationship. But there is a relationship between the Banana Kong and Super Nintendo game Donkey Kong Country. In the second game you’ll spend most of your time walking through the woods, vines, dropping into the hole and riding on other animals. In the Banana King, you can ride in the back of the toucans that lets you fly through the air and the wild boar were able to break through barriers.

How to Hack Banana Kong  for iOS and Android

If you would like to get the bananas and golden hearts without spending real money, you need to think about downloading free Banana Kong hack tool.

Get the Banana Kong Cheats Hack Tool and you’ll surely enjoy the game to the maximum. Soft works on all Android and iOS devices. It does not require any jailbreak or root.  Becoming a top player is just a few clicks away.

banana kong game

With Banana Kong Trainer you can get unlimited Coins, Gems Generator, Unlimited Skill Point, Max Item Upgrade and XP Boost. Banana Kong Hack is very easy to use.  Hacked tool is clean of viruses and very easy to use.

Once downloaded all you have to do is connect your smartphone to your computer and run the tool, then connect them by pressing the connect button. After you have successfully connected the tool to your smartphone you are free to use the awesome features that come with the Banana Kong Cheats.

Hacking Instructions

  • Download i-Fun Box and install it(other types will work i Funexplorer, iDisk, and others) I have the best luck using iFunBox.
  • Banana kong download iOS game file hack Banana Kong (v.1.0.4)
  • Connect iDevice Banana Kong (v.1.0.4)
  • Choose the name of your device at the top of screen in i-Fun Box
  • Select User Applications
  • Find Banana Kong(They should be in ABC order)
  • Select Banana Kong and Double Click it. Choose Documents and Double click it.
  • Delete the old file if you see it or just drag and drop to replace. Simply drag and drop the hack you downloaded from the above link earlier.
  • Refresh at the Top
  • If you have had Banana Kong open. Double tap Home button and find Banana Kong in the multitask list. Hold down on apps to put them in wiggle mode. Delete Rail Rush from list
  • Close the Muiltitask and re-open Banana Kong and enjoy. You now should have 1000000 COINS to buy all the upgrades you wish.